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Vehicle Air Conditioning

Air conditioning in the UK – with our climate, do we really need it?

If you are asking that question you’ve obviously forgotten the heatwaves of recent years when it was absolutely essential.  Not only that, air conditioning in your vehicle can save you money!

You can simply wind your windows down, of course, and at low speeds this may be sufficient.  However, as your speed increases the noise levels also go up and if you are on a motorway they can be unbearable.

Not only that, but as the vehicle increases its speed, having the windows down makes it less aerodynamic and it will experience ‘drag’. This means you are using more fuel to get to where you are going.

Air conditioning means you are in total control of the temperature in your vehicle.  In hot weather this is ideal and it can also help in the colder months.  If your windscreen is refusing to demist, for example, turning the air conditioning on produces dry warm air which will clear the screen for you.

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Want to know the Science Bit?

All air conditioning systems have a compressor which contains a refrigerant, which is a gas needing regular refills.  Once the air conditioning system has been turned on, that gas travels to a condenser.

Fresh air is drawn in from outside the vehicle and passes over the condenser.  The temperature of the gas drops quickly causing the refrigerant to liquefy. While in a liquid form, a drier removes any impurities before reaching a thermal expansion valve.

This valve allows the driver to control the temperature in the car by limiting the liquid flow.  The liquid turns into vapour as it moves through evaporation coils and is then blown into the vehicle as cool air.

The refrigerant, now back in gas form, returns to the compressor and the whole process begins again.

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